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  • 1.The main graphic of this logo borrowed the meaning from the Temple of Heaven (symbolizing harvest) in ancient China, indicating that Bank of Beijing was born and grown in Beijing, and will develop its future towards the whole country and the world with Beijing as its center.

    2. The logo’s design reflects the harmonious unity between traditional Chinese culture and modern social development. The round red seal, which symbolizes integrity, contains the moral characters of valuing credit and complying with commitments of traditional Chinese culture. The design concept is inspired by the design feature of ancient Chinese coins so that it is in the same strain with the Chinese distant financial culture. Moreover, modern element of current social development is also added into the design— the logo is exactly like '@' shape, reflecting a brand new image of Bank of Beijing in the net and information age.

    3. The whole design enjoys both activity and motionlessness, catering to Chinese tradition also modern flavor. It is smooth but strong as Chinese calligraphy, signifying the sound management system and operation mechanism of Bank of Beijing. It is also indicating Beijingers’ effective executive ability and extraordinary courage.

    4. The letter 'B' in the logo represents the acronym of the English address of Bank of Beijing. The red color indicates that Bank of Beijing will have a promising future.



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