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  • Bank of Beijing is a Sino-foreign joint stock commercial bank established in 1996. Relying on the prosperous domestic economy, the Bank has achieved several strategic milestones, including introducing overseas strategic investors, public listing, and geographic expansion. Currently, the Bank has set up over 650 branches in not only over 10 domestic major cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Jinan, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang and Urumqi, but also in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The success of Bank of Beijing has established a classic development pattern for small- and medium-sized banks.

    As of March-end, 2019, Bank of Beijing’s total assets amounted to 2.64 trillion Yuan. Net profit of the first quarter of the year reached 6.374 billion Yuan with a cost to income ratio of 18.94%, NPL ratio of 1.40%, provision coverage ratio of 214.11% and CAR of 12.08%. The Bank has achieved outstanding performance internationally regarding all financial indicators and topped the list of domestic regional banks in terms of corporate value. The Bank holds a brand value of 54.886 billion Yuan and ranks No.61 in terms of Tier-1 capital on the latest World Top1000 Banks list, representing one of the World Top 100 for six years in a row.

    Over the past 23 years, Bank of Beijing has always been active in fulfilling its social responsibility. The Bank has donated over 350 million Yuan in total to public welfare such as medical care, education and other charity activities. With the outstanding performance and excellent financial products and services, the Bank has received high praise from the public and several honors such as “National Exemplary Unit”, “Top 10 Listed Banks in Asia”, “The Best City Commercial Retail Bank in China”, “Best Regional Bank”, “Best Contribution for Supporting SMEs”, “Best Bank with Service for People’s Livelihood”, “Top100 Chinese Listed Companies”, “Outstanding Chinese Companies for Social Responsibility”, “Listed Companies with Most Sustainable Investment Value”, “Most Respectable Enterprises in China”, “Most Respectable Bank”, “Most Trustworthy Banking Institution by Citizens”, “China’s Outstanding Corporate Citizens”, “Most Innovative Bank”, “Best Bank in Internet Finance”, etc.



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